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Irish Newspaper Archives

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1916 Easter Rising


Welcome to our dedicated 1916 Easter Rising newspaper archive. We have developed this incredible resource to share Ireland’s most prominent rebellion with the nation. For a limited time only you will be able to gain access to some of Ireland’s most prestigious newspaper titles. Through the 1916 Easter Rising newspaper site you will be able read the events of the day from titles such as The Irish Independent, Sunday Independent and the Cork Examiner.  We have carefully selected 31 out of print, regional and daily newspapers for our 1916 Easter Rising newspaper site.

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Members Area 1916 Easter Rising

The use of newspapers in genealogy provides professional and novice researchers the possibility to find  a wide and varied assortment of information that will allow them gather rare insights into your family history’s past.

Irish Newspaper Archives records start in 1738 and contains regional and daily newspapers therefore offering millions of pages  ripe with anecdotes to family heritage. With over 60 newspapers titles available researches will have the ability to tie down ancestor’s

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Annual subscription 25% off 1916 easter rising

“The gateway to Ireland’s rich historical past”

Irish Newspaper Archives is the largest digital archive of Irish newspapers in the world spanning a period of 300 years of Ireland’s rich historical past.   Read through the millions of pages from over 61 Irish out of print, regional & daily newspapers titles. With publications from nearly every county in the country dating from 1738 to current we can proudly say that INA offers a national newspaper database.

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